2 Gopher Goner small traps

We use the small trap for trapping a mole. We highly recommend setting traps under a fresh mound, and by “fresh,” we mean 24-36 hours! However, if you don’t want to take our word, order the Basic Gopher Kit and request 2-small traps, but be aware (or read our FQAs about moles: a mole’s digging pattern is up and then down, up and then down, so there will always be at least an entrance and an exit under the mound. Beware, there could be 1 or sometimes 2 additional tunnels leading to the mound, so we recommend having 4-small traps when trapping a mole. Occasionally, we will use a small trap for trapping a juvenile gopher during breeding season.

2 Gopher Goner small traps
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